Makefield Technologies offers a wide range of custom software development and consulting services:

Salesforce Development and Consulting

Whether your company is preparing to implement its first Saleforce org, needs functionality that exceeds the capabilities of point-and-click, or is facing performance and Governor Limit hurdles, Makefield Technologies can assist you in achieving your goals with:

  • Salesforce Org Setup and Configuration
  • Advanced Apex Development
  • Reusable Lightning Components
  • Sophisticated Asynchronous Batch/Queueable/Future Designs
  • Apex Web Services and Callouts
  • Performance Optimization
  • Governor Limit Usage Minimization

Custom Software Development for High Performance Computing

The development of HPC software has always been an area of rapid innovation. Recently, however, qualitative advances in computer hardware technology have not only accelerated the pace of this change, but have altered the very nature of software development itself. What were standard best practices just a few years ago are now inadequate in an environment where message latencies are measured in nanoseconds. To compete and win in this new landscape, HPC systems must be specifically designed to fully utilize the performance enhancements offered by multi-core processors with hierarchical memory structures and complex caching algorithms. Makefield Technologies can help your company in this process, with experienced architects and developers that can create complete custom systems, or fine tune the critical paths of existing systems to minimize latency and maximize performance.

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