Salesforce Performance and Integration Engine

  • High Speed Processing of Huge Salesforce Data Volumes
  • Advanced Reporting Tools
  • Automated Backup, Archiving and Synchronization of Salesforce Data
  • Bi-Directional Integration of Salesforce with DBMS, Messaging and Other External Systems
  • Non-Invasive: No Changes to Existing Objects or Code Required
  • Prevent Salesforce Governor Limit Violations
  • Dramatically Reduce Salesforce Data Storage Costs

The TurboSync™ Salesforce Performance and Integration Engine is comprised of a native Salesforce managed package (TurboSync-S™) that works seamlessly with a highly-optimized external service (TurboSync-X™) to transcend even the most difficult performance and governor limit challenges on the Salesforce platform. The TurboSync-X™ service resides on a cloud host (Heroku, Amazon EC2, etc.), but is managed from the Salesforce UI. Salesforce orgs using TurboSync™ can execute queries with complex joins and aggregations against millions of records without governor limit violations or timeouts (no more query-splitting and batch jobs!). Apex code, Lightning components and Visualforce pages can transparently access this functionality via the native TurboSync-S™ API. TurboSync™ also enables automated archiving, which can dramatically reduce Salesforce data storage requirements. Finally, TurboSync™ can also function as a hub for bi-directional integration of Salesforce with DBMS, messaging and other external systems.


Ultra Fast Compute Cloud

The Maelstrom™ Ultra Fast Compute Cloud lets you deploy clusters of intelligent autonomous worker agents for massive parallelization of tasks with no single points of failure. Maelstrom™ was designed using meticulous efficiency optimizations to achieve extraordinary performance. Unlike alternative solutions, Maelstrom™'s peer-to-peer self-discovery mechanism obviates the need for complex centralized resource management infrastructure. The natural byproduct of this minimalist, plug-n-play architecture is that Maelstrom™ is both extremely fault-tolerant and delightfully easy to use. Maelstrom™ harnesses the raw compute power of thousands of CPU cores, enabling simple and elegant solutions to a vast range of challenges:

  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Many others...


High Performance Trading Platform

  • Nychus™ Algorithmic Trading Module
  • Nychus™ FIX Order Routing Module
  • Nychus™ Price Feed Handler Module
  • Nychus™ Exchange Order Matching Module

The Nychus™ High Performance Trading Platform was designed with the goal of providing the lowest possible latency for algorithmic trading and liquidity aggregation in FX, equity and derivatives markets. Nychus™ achieves this goal by employing lock-free concurrency techniques that exploit the power of the latest massively multi-core servers. Nychus™ also eliminates memory allocation from critical paths, and utilizes data structures that work in harmony with the CPU's hierarchical caching mechanisms. This optimizes pre-fetching of required data into cache, thus minimizing cache misses and false sharing.

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