Makefield Technologies is a software development and consulting company that offers a unique combination of deep expertise in the platform and extensive experience building mission critical systems with extreme performance, scalability and reliability requirements.

Salesforce Expertise

  • Salesforce Application Architecture and Entity Relationship Modeling
  • Advanced Apex Development
  • Lightning Components
  • Visualforce Pages
  • Sophisticated Asynchronous Batch/Queueable Designs
  • Integration of Salesforce with DBMS, Messaging and Other External Systems
  • REST, Bulk, SOAP and Metadata APIs
  • Apex Web Services and Callouts
  • Governor Limit Usage Minimization
  • Financial Services Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

Mission Critical Systems Experience

  • Realtime Transactional Websites and Internet Services
  • Distributed High-Performance Fault-Tolerant Parallel Computing
  • Algorithmic Trading Platforms
  • FIX Order Routing
  • Binary Price Feed Handlers
  • Order Matching Engines

Extreme Performance Acceleration

  • Lock-Free Concurrency
  • Highly-Efficient Contiguous Data Structures
  • Multi-Core Cache Optimization
  • Elimination of Memory Allocation from Processing Hot Paths
  • Minimization of Cache Misses and False Sharing
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